Mobile Sensory Room.

Bringing fun and comfort to special needs kids & children on the autism spectrum


Providing calming and therapeutic sensory stimulation improves focus and concentration.


Enabling autistic children to regulate their emotions and behavior.


Helping students understand their autistic and special needs classmates better.


Helping autistic children to develop their communication and social skills.

Why A Mobile Semsory Room?

A mobile sensory room is an invaluable asset for special needs children

It brings them greater calmness, an increased willingness to learn, improved behaviour, and a safe space in which to retreat.

Not only that, but with this therapeutic tool coming to the home, families can benefit from greater quality time together, free from the stress of having medical staff in their home.

Offering Services For Children on the Autism spectrum & Special Needs Kids

At Home Or At School

Rocking The Senses provides Australia's premiere mobile sensory rooms - rated number one for their user-friendly accessibility and affordability.

Our team of experts and range of sensory technologies ensure that your sensory room experience meets your individual needs. 

Our mobile sensory rooms provide a unique and calming environment, helping to improve well-being and stimulate the senses of special needs and autistic kids. 

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Why Choose Us?

The Challenge

Autistic children often experience difficulty with learning and need extra support to stay regulated, safe and learn more efficiently. This can be a challenge for families, schools and therapists.

The Hope

What if there was a way to provide specialised therapy for autistic children in their own homes or in school?

The Solution

Rocking the Senses provides just that – a mobile sensory room with an occupational therapist to help children on the autism spectrum learn more efficiently, feel safe and regulated in their environment, leading to better behaviour and making life easier for families.

So What Next?

Talk to us about trying out our services at home or at school and see the difference it can make in your child's life.

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Don't Let Your Special Needs Child Wait Any Longer To Get The Extra Care They Need

Rocking The Senses provides a mobile sensory room for children on the autism spectrum that can visit the child at school or at home.

Our trained occupational therapists create a safe and calming environment that helps special needs kids develop skills needed for everyday living, become more independent, regulate sensory input, coordinate motor activities, and improve communication.

Our mobile sensory room and experienced therapists can help children on the autism spectrum reach their full potential and reach milestones that would be difficult to achieve without our help.

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